Common Questions about Non-Profit Volunteer Insurance

Common Questions about Non-Profit Volunteer Insurance

Non-Profit Volunteer Insurance

Many nonprofit organizations rely on volunteers to fill vital roles. They do everything from routine office tasks to direct work with clients, and they do it all without getting paid. That can have a significant impact on an organization’s finances. However, their status as volunteers often excludes these workers from coverage provided by traditional employment-based or business insurance policies. That is where comprehensive non-profit volunteer insurance coverage enters the picture.

What Does Non-Profit Volunteer Insurance Cover?

Coverage will depend on the policy you choose for your company. However, there are some common types of volunteer liability insurance that many nonprofits carry. These include:

  • Directors and officers dishonesty for cases involving improper employment practices, slander or libel, copyright infringement, and invasion of privacy
  • Volunteer liability for accidents that cause injury to a volunteer
  • Volunteer dishonesty coverage for instances such as fraud or embezzlement by a volunteer

Who Should Carry Volunteer Insurance?

If your nonprofit utilizes volunteers for any role, then this coverage is a good idea. it provides protection that extends beyond the limits of traditional business insurance and can be tailored to the needs of your organization.

Are Certain Things Excluded From Coverage?

There will always be some exclusions from an insurance policy. However, working with a provider who is familiar with the risks faced by nonprofits can help reduce any coverage gaps.

Volunteer insurance for nonprofits offers additional protection from liability for companies that utilize volunteers. Coverage should be tailored to meet organizational needs.