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Benefits of Workers’ Compensation for ABA Therapists

If you are an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapist, then you know that workers’ compensation is a necessity. ABA therapists work with individuals with developmental disabilities and/or behavioral issues. They use positive reinforcement to help their clients achieve specific goals.

ABA therapy can be rewarding, but it can also be physically and emotionally demanding. Because of this, it is crucial that you get workers’ compensation for ABA therapists in case of injury on the job.

Benefits of Workers’ Compensation for ABA Therapists

Loss of wages is a huge issue for anyone. If injured due to your work, workers’ compensation insurance can cover your wages while you recover. Also, a policy provides medical expenses and financial support for ongoing care when approved for such.

As an ABA therapist, it is possible that injury occurs due to repetitive movements assisting your client or due to a behavior issue with your client. This is where your workers’ compensation policy comes into play to help. When an injury results in temporary or permanent disability from your work circumstance, your policy will step in and cover some of the costs. There is even the possibility that a policy will cover funeral benefits if you loose your life due to a work-related incident.

Don’t delay. Have peace of mind knowing you are covered in the event that an accident occurs.

Workers’ Compensation Alternatives To Understand

Finding the best coverage to protect your business is far from a one-size-fits-all process. There are a wealth of factors to consider, many of which will depend largely on the industry you work in and type of business you conduct. For example, you may assume that a standard workers’ compensation plan is find for your needs. In truth, there could be a variety of factors that you’re not taking into consideration. To meet the exact risks of your field, you need to take a step back and review the various alternatives available to you. 

A Look at the Basics

One of the biggest choices to think about when it comes to workers’ compensation is loss sensitive vs guaranteed cost options. The type of plan that most people are aware of already is a guaranteed cost policy. This is the policy that most businesses take out because it is the easiest to manage and has a number of options that can apply across many industries. However, a loss-sensitive plan can be useful for those who are in need of an alternative. To know which is best for you, take a look at a few factors including:

  • Size of your company
  • Typical payroll flow
  • Industry regulations

Gain Perspective

By thinking over these areas, you can start to see which workers’ compensation option will work best for you. Put thought and effort into this decision in order to do your part to protect those who work for your business.

Directors and Officers Insurance for Nonprofit Organizations

nonprofit organizations

Board members and executives who work for nonprofit organizations could face significant individual liability in the event of a claim against the organization. Nonprofits need to protect their board and executives with an insurance policy that will address their individual risk exposure.

Coverage Inclusions

One of the most important non profit D&O considerations is whether to elect a standalone policy or whether the coverage limits will be aggregated with other types of liability protections in a package policy. If it’s aggregated, all of the coverage for directors could be depleted by other types of claims against the organization. A standalone policy will provide a single amount of the organization’s choosing that will apply specifically to claims made against directors and officers.

Amounts of Protection

The amount of protection that you need may depend on your organization’s assets and activities. You could choose a standard policy in the amount of $1,000,000 up to $5,000,000.

Litigation Costs

One of the most expensive implications of a claim against an organization or its directors and officers is the legal cost of defending a claim. Typically, an insurance carrier that offers comprehensive protection will pay all of the legal costs as soon as the claim is initiated.

Sufficient directors and officers’ insurance is an integral part of a nonprofit’s insurance package. Being able to protect board members and organizational officers from liability is essential for both board recruitment and staff engagement.

Workers’ Compensation Responsibilities

Workers’ compensation insurance is required by law and benefits both the employee and employer in case of a workplace injury. Here are the necessary steps an employer must take in order to properly carry out their legal obligation.

Carry Valid Insurance

Above all, a business needs to carry a valid workers’ compensation insurance policy. There are employees that find out that they do not have workers compensation insurance in Los Angeles that have to file a claim with the Uninsured Employers Benefits Trust Fund.

Post Required Notifications

To be compliant with the law, employers need to have notices posted in a central employee location that gives information about the workers’ compensation benefits available to them, and who the insurer is. In addition, a statement needs to be posted that any injured worker has the right to ask for and receive medical treatment.

Provide Claim Materials in a Timely Manner

The third responsibility an employer has is to make sure that an injured employee receives a claim form within 24 hours of the injury. Written information about employee rights within the workers’ compensation insurance program should be given to the employee.

Employers that comply with the workers’ compensation regulations by carrying appropriate insurance and notifying employees of their rights will benefit by ensuring the health and safety of their employees.
If these actions do not happen, an employer can be fined and the injured employee can file a legal suit.


Two Signs of a Good Staff Insurance Provider

staff insurance

As a staffing company, it’s your business to help others find work. There are a lot of people who depend on you, but with that responsibility comes certain risks. You need proper staff insurance to ensure proper protection for you and your company at all times. Not sure where to start? The following are just two of many signs that point toward a good provider.

1. Knowledge of Emerging Trends – A good staff insurance provider will go above and beyond what you’d expect and will have knowledge of emerging trends in your industry. They will keep track of what goes on at the business level, as well as at the regulatory level of your industry.

2. Exceptional Communication Skills – When you find a good staffing insurance provider, they will communicate well with you. When issues arise, they will be sure to address them immediately. They will let you know of changes to the industry and changes to their insurance options so you’re never left in the dark.

By doing business this way, a good staff insurance provider helps to ensure your business success. If you run a staffing firm, contact your insurance provider today to see if these qualities are some they adhere to and find out what you can do to improve your coverage.

Solutions for Risk Exposure

Assisted living insurance programs

Any assisted living facility is something different to the staff, the residents, and the owners. Considering the unique exposure to risk that each of these groups represents helps identify the assisted living insurance programs right for your facility.


The assisted living facility is a workplace with diverse types of staff. As a workplace, workers’ compensation insurance is a must. If any staff drives to perform work tasks, you will need auto liability. In addition to general liability, professional liability protects your facility against staff errors. Digital transmission of data has made cyber liability insurance a necessity for many facilities. Employment practices liability covers the risk of human resources errors or lack of compliance with prevailing employment laws.

Home and Property

The assisted living facility is home for all of the residents, and is where they get their care. The general and professional liability coverage protects residents against the risk of injury at the facility or employee error. Crime insurance protects both the residents and staff in the event of criminal activity on the premises. The property of the facility needs to be insured against damage and loss. Property insurance and general liability are key for protection of property value.

There are many potential liabilities in this industry. Assisted living insurance programs can protect you from the various risks of operating an assisted living facility.


Opt For Specialized Coverage If You’re in Any of These Fields

business insurance in Wantage, New Jersey

You know that your car insurance is based on a range of factors. When you begin the questionnaire to get insured, you likely have to answer questions regarding your age, driving record and prior violations as well as provide information about your car’s year, make and model. If your car’s insurance is so specialized, why is business insurance in Wantage, New Jersey treated like a standard package works for everybody? It’s obvious that all businesses are different, so it may be time for you to find a policy that’s created for your needs.

Sectors With Special Risk Factors

Though some policy options may, indeed, offer adequate coverage for most businesses, you want to opt for specialized coverage if your line of work necessitates it. Some of the sectors that this may apply to include:

  • Health care and medical professions
  • Industrial and warehouse work
  • Educational positions
  • Legal positions

Each of these sectors present a unique set of risks that should be addressed and covered by an insurer. If your company includes any of these, opting for specialized business insurance in Wantage, New Jersey is the best way to ensure coverage. There are liabilities everywhere, but with the right protection and prevention, you can mitigate the damages you may otherwise find your company subject to.

Workers Compensation for Small Businesses

Virginia Workman's Comp

When you own a small business in Virginia, there are many aspects of the job that you may not have taken into consideration when you first launched your company. One of these is worker’s compensation. If your business began in your kitchen, this may not have been something you needed to think about initially. However, as it grows and you hire more employees, it’s a good idea to look into Virginia workers comp. Depending on how many employees you have, your small business may actually need workers compensation. Small businesses in Virginia with at least three employees are required to include workers compensation in their business insurance policies, even if their employees are part-time.

Regardless of the number of your employees, you may find it valuable to invest in Virginia workers comp. If your employees’ daily tasks include driving, it can bring great peace of mind to know that their medical bills will be covered if they are injured in an accident. You also cannot predict when work accidents will occur. Workers compensation can help take care of your employees if they fall and injure themselves while doing work for your company. If you have not considered workers compensation before, look into your options for Virginia workers comp and see what policies fit your small business.

Innovative Insurance for Modern Staffing Agencies

Vendor management services

Your staffing agency is likely dependent upon a number of resources for daily operations, and thankfully there have been great strides in making these resources more accessible and effective. One example of this is the evolution of vendor management services and the way they have revolutionized staffing. Through a web portal, clients and agencies can collaborate on anything from staff training to scheduling. There are several other innovations that have improved staffing in the 21st century, too.

New Recruiting Strategies

Recent staffing trends have led to better recruiting strategies. It’s common for agencies to utilize a phone interview to get to know a candidate prior to scheduling an in-person interview. Little shifts like this have had a big impact on operation and enabled recruiters to streamline their processes. As recruiting improves, so does candidate quality and client satisfaction.

Better Insurance Coverage

As it has grown, the staffing industry has become subject to more regulations. Though this has been great in making it safer and more fair for employees, the liabilities that result can be a pitfall. Luckily, the insurance industry has responded by offers staffing that’s just as innovative as the best vendor management services. To protect your assets and shield against vulnerabilities, invest in a policy for your agency.

Items Not Covered by Legal Liability Insurance

legal liability insurance in Austin

Most businesses would do well to obtain a thorough insurance policy to protect themselves when unforeseen circumstances present themselves. Law firms face unique risks, and therefore, it would be wise of every firm to obtain legal liability insurance in Austin. A good policy will cover a variety of claims. However, not everything will be covered.

Criminal Acts

Naturally, if a law firm is being sued for conducting criminal activity, then that firm would be unable to use their policy to cover legal expenses. This also includes fraudulent or otherwise dishonest activities.

Two Insured Employees at the Same Company

Your policy will cover everyone who works at your law firm from attorneys to office workers. If one employee sues another employee for whatever reason, your insurance policy would not cover both of them.

Other Exclusions

Additional items that are generally excluded from a legal liability insurance policy include:

  • Property damage caused by an employee of the firm
  • Bodily injury caused by an employee of the firm
  • Claims the firm should have foreseen when the policy was first obtained

Your insurance agent will go over your law firm’s policy in fine detail when you first get it so that you understand every last detail. While there are certainly plenty of exclusions, there are plenty of items that are covered, so acquiring legal liability insurance in Austin is definitely an investment worth pursuing.