Identity Verification for Your Staffing Agency Made Easy

Identity checking is a proactive way to streamline the hiring process and mitigate future issues as a result of falsified information or incorrect data collection. Here are two simple steps that empower temporary staffing agencies to optimize their time and resources with identity verification.

First, Gather Information

Begin your hiring process by gathering some basic yet important data from your prospective employee. Be sure to do this first, before your initial interview.

  • Name – first, last, and middle as well as any other names they have used
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number
  • Most Current Address – or a place they receive mail, if homeless

Second, Choose a Research Platform

After you have gathered the information, find a safe and reliable way to conduct your verification.  Fortunately, there are many avenues available to you. A quick search will reveal your options, from private companies to government agencies, all designed to help you find the information you are seeking.

Your decision to hire a prospective employee will now be further informed by their identity verification report. If you encounter discrepancies in the information, identity theft could be the cause. However, a simple data entry mistake might be to blame, so don’t jump to conclusions. Utilizing this hiring tool can play an important role in stopping identity theft and will save your staffing agency time, energy and resources.

Picking a Staff Insurance Provider

staff insurance

If you run a staffing company, then having staff insurance is absolutely critical. Here are a few tips for finding solid staffing programs, which not only offer you crucial coverage but also peace of mind.


First of all, be sure to choose a company that understands the particular risks faced by staffing agencies, as well as how to protect against them. A broad, deep knowledge of the industry is one of the most valuable assets an insurance provider can have. Find out how much experience and expertise they have in dealing with staffing insurance.

Custom Service

Next, choose a company that is willing to work closely with you in order to advance your business’s goals. The provider should be willing to tailor a plan specifically for your business instead of trying to push a one-size-fits all solution. By avoiding coverage you don’t need while ensuring that all your exposures are adequately covered, you can save money while ensuring that you’re protected.


Finally, choose a company that works well with you and is willing to communicate clearly and regularly. You’ll want a provider who is committed to honest and open dialogue, so that you’ll stay in the loop. Keep these tips in mind, and it won’t be difficult to find an effective staff insurance provider.

Understanding Staff Insurance

staff insurance

In order to properly utilize an insurance plan you must first understand it. Take some time to review what staff insurance is, its benefits and procuring a proper plan.

Insurance Type

As the name suggests, staff insurance is a form of insurance that protects your business in regards to your staff. The staff of any business serves as the face of the company, especially those in customer service related capacities. In such cases, human error can be detrimental to the business. With this type of insurance you are able to protect your company in such instances.


There are a number of different insurance options that you may choose from. In making your decision, it is important that you truly understand what is being offered. Not only should you review what benefits are offered under each plan, but you should also check the scope, or amount provided, of each type of benefit.

Selecting the Right Plan

Along with the benefits offered, there are a few other characteristics that you want to consider when selecting your plan. Some of those qualities include:

  • reputable provider
  • caps or limits on certain benefits
  • restrictions on coverage

These and other factors can greatly affect the value of coverage you receive, therefore it is critical that you understand these aspects of any plan you consider.

Keeping these things in mind can help you to understand your staff insurance options and select the best one for your business. If you have further questions or want to talk about your choices, speak with a local provider.

Two Signs of a Good Staff Insurance Provider

staff insurance

As a staffing company, it’s your business to help others find work. There are a lot of people who depend on you, but with that responsibility comes certain risks. You need proper staff insurance to ensure proper protection for you and your company at all times. Not sure where to start? The following are just two of many signs that point toward a good provider.

1. Knowledge of Emerging Trends – A good staff insurance provider will go above and beyond what you’d expect and will have knowledge of emerging trends in your industry. They will keep track of what goes on at the business level, as well as at the regulatory level of your industry.

2. Exceptional Communication Skills – When you find a good staffing insurance provider, they will communicate well with you. When issues arise, they will be sure to address them immediately. They will let you know of changes to the industry and changes to their insurance options so you’re never left in the dark.

By doing business this way, a good staff insurance provider helps to ensure your business success. If you run a staffing firm, contact your insurance provider today to see if these qualities are some they adhere to and find out what you can do to improve your coverage.

How Vendor Management Services Can Improve Your Business

vendor management services

If you find that you are distracted from the running of your business with hiring and on boarding new staff, you can save time with vendor management services that can provide a steady flow of staff to do the work you need. There is a rapid turnover in employment nowadays, and people often do not stay in the same place of employment. This keeps human resources departments quite busy a lot of the time. In addition, as people switch jobs frequently, applicants can be unknown quantities, and may require extra screening if they are moved from one position to another.

Vendor management services can take the hassle and the headache out of staffing concerns with a streamlined hiring process to ensure temporary workers and long-term employees are qualified and experienced. Your vendor service provider will carry out background checks and validate credentials to make sure that they are genuine. Complex contracts can be simplified with the help of vendor management. In addition, on boarding new employees is simpler with the help of an outside firm that is fully focused on all aspects of hiring and training.

Finding new employees and getting them to learn the ropes can create significant business interruption which can hamper productivity. Vendor management services can help your business become more efficient and allow you to focus on growth.

4 Reasons to Get Motel Insurance

Tennessee motels insurance

When you operate a motel, you want it to run as smoothly as possible to ensure your guests have a good time. Doing so not only makes them more likely to return, but also makes it more likely they will recommend you to someone else. One of the most important parts of operating a safe establishment is purchasing Tennessee motels insurance.

It Protects Your Property

You must purchase insurance to protect your property. This ensures you will have the money to rebuild as necessary if you are the victim of a fire or flood, or if someone vandalizes your property.

It Protects Your Guests

The right insurance ensures your guests receive compensation if they are injured on your property. You can also purchase insurance that protects their personal belongings.

It Protects You

Without the proper insurance to cover your building, your employees and your guests, you could find yourself in messy legal situations. They often take thousands of dollars and sometimes result in closed businesses.

It’s the Law

Tennessee law requires all motels have the proper insurance. Without it, you face expensive fines, business closure or worse. The type of coverage you need will depends on the size of your establishment and the amenities you provide to guests.

When you need to purchase Tennessee motels insurance, be sure to work with a reputable insurance provider. He or she should have experience in the hospitality industry and be willing and able to guide you through the process.

Innovative Insurance for Modern Staffing Agencies

Vendor management services

Your staffing agency is likely dependent upon a number of resources for daily operations, and thankfully there have been great strides in making these resources more accessible and effective. One example of this is the evolution of vendor management services and the way they have revolutionized staffing. Through a web portal, clients and agencies can collaborate on anything from staff training to scheduling. There are several other innovations that have improved staffing in the 21st century, too.

New Recruiting Strategies

Recent staffing trends have led to better recruiting strategies. It’s common for agencies to utilize a phone interview to get to know a candidate prior to scheduling an in-person interview. Little shifts like this have had a big impact on operation and enabled recruiters to streamline their processes. As recruiting improves, so does candidate quality and client satisfaction.

Better Insurance Coverage

As it has grown, the staffing industry has become subject to more regulations. Though this has been great in making it safer and more fair for employees, the liabilities that result can be a pitfall. Luckily, the insurance industry has responded by offers staffing that’s just as innovative as the best vendor management services. To protect your assets and shield against vulnerabilities, invest in a policy for your agency.

Liability Issues for Bars You May Not Be Aware Of

bar and tavern insurance

Starting a bar is a worthwhile endeavor. While it is required by law for you to get bar and tavern insurance, you should do everything in your power to not have any issues. There are a couple liability items you may not be aware of, so keep the following points in mind.

Prevent Potential Flames

Alcohol is a highly flammable substance. Someone may spill a drink, leading to problems. There may also be a part of your bar where people are allowed to smoke, and the flames along with alcohol can lead to disaster. To limit your risk, it is wise to have a fire hazard inspection carried out so that a professional can tell you what items in your tavern could lead to a fire.

Not Having a Clearly Defined Exit

In the event a fire or other emergency breaks out, you want people to clearly know where they should exit. You could be viewed as liable if your exit sign is malfunctioning or if it is locked or blocked. Never let that happen and have the door easily accessible at all times.

With the proper measures, everyone will have a good time at your bar, and you will not have to worry about a thing. You will feel a lot better about everyone’s well-being by having a comprehensive bar and tavern insurance policy in effect.

Temporary Staffing Insurance: Protecting the Exposed

Employees run risks of all kinds when they step onto any business premise to resume their work for the day. However, the situation with employees for a temporary staffing agency is particularly unique in that the exposure potential is highly aggravated. Given the number of potential positions a temporary employee could cover, there are exposures ranging from transportation risks to procedural exposures which temporary staffing insurance needs to be able to cover.

Taking a Closer Look

There are a wide variety of exposures which need to be considered when an insurance policy is being scrutinized. For instance, the following few exposures are critical risks to be aware of.

  • Property. Property exposures typically are made up of office-type hazards with theft potential depending on the amount of important electronic equipment at hand.
  • Crime. Resulting from what is called employee dishonesty, this is a difficult exposure point which must be rectified through insurance coverage.
  • Premises Liability. This exposure comes from the safety conditions of the premises upon which employees must work. There is a moderately high risk resulting from these possibilities.
  • Professional Liability. Background, training, and licensing of agency employees represent a high-level exposure risk. Misrepresentation of either party can result in negligence allegations.

This is only to name a few of the risks inherent in a temporary staffing agency’s business. Because of the overwhelming amount of exposure points, a solid temporary staffing insurance policy is mandatory.

Benefits of Staffing Liability Insurance

Staff insurance has a lot of benefits that it provides to businesses that place workers in other companies. It limits your business’s financial risk, offers protection to your employees and gives peace of mind.


The risk in providing a service to or placing an employee in another business is that you can lose money. If the employee is negligent, you can be at fault because you provided that employee. If you make a bad investment for a business’s employee benefits, you can be sued for mismanagement. The benefit of having some type of staffing liability is that it can protect you from these types of allegations.


Not only does this type of staff insurance protect you, but it can also protect the employees that you place in other businesses. If they are mistreated by the other business, a policy can help them receive restitution. If they make a mistake on the job, there are policies that protect them from being sued. The benefit of staffing liability is that it protects those who work for you from getting abused financially or otherwise.


Having staffing liability provides peace of mind to you, your employees and the businesses that you serve. You don’t have to worry about financial risk. Your employees don’t have to worry about getting hurt on the job. The businesses don’t have to worry about getting compensation for a job done poorly. It’s a win-win-win.

Talk to an Agent

Figuring out exactly what kind of policy you need can be hard. Talk to an insurance agent today to make sure that you get the exact staff insurance coverage you need to receive all of these wonderful benefits.