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Two Signs of a Good Staff Insurance Provider

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As a staffing company, it’s your business to help others find work. There are a lot of people who depend on you, but with that responsibility comes certain risks. You need proper staff insurance to ensure proper protection for you and your company at all times. Not sure where to start? The following are just two of many signs that point toward a good provider.

1. Knowledge of Emerging Trends – A good staff insurance provider will go above and beyond what you’d expect and will have knowledge of emerging trends in your industry. They will keep track of what goes on at the business level, as well as at the regulatory level of your industry.

2. Exceptional Communication Skills – When you find a good staffing insurance provider, they will communicate well with you. When issues arise, they will be sure to address them immediately. They will let you know of changes to the industry and changes to their insurance options so you’re never left in the dark.

By doing business this way, a good staff insurance provider helps to ensure your business success. If you run a staffing firm, contact your insurance provider today to see if these qualities are some they adhere to and find out what you can do to improve your coverage.

How Vendor Management Services Can Improve Your Business

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If you find that you are distracted from the running of your business with hiring and on boarding new staff, you can save time with vendor management services that can provide a steady flow of staff to do the work you need. There is a rapid turnover in employment nowadays, and people often do not stay in the same place of employment. This keeps human resources departments quite busy a lot of the time. In addition, as people switch jobs frequently, applicants can be unknown quantities, and may require extra screening if they are moved from one position to another.

Vendor management services can take the hassle and the headache out of staffing concerns with a streamlined hiring process to ensure temporary workers and long-term employees are qualified and experienced. Your vendor service provider will carry out background checks and validate credentials to make sure that they are genuine. Complex contracts can be simplified with the help of vendor management. In addition, on boarding new employees is simpler with the help of an outside firm that is fully focused on all aspects of hiring and training.

Finding new employees and getting them to learn the ropes can create significant business interruption which can hamper productivity. Vendor management services can help your business become more efficient and allow you to focus on growth.

Innovative Insurance for Modern Staffing Agencies

Vendor management services

Your staffing agency is likely dependent upon a number of resources for daily operations, and thankfully there have been great strides in making these resources more accessible and effective. One example of this is the evolution of vendor management services and the way they have revolutionized staffing. Through a web portal, clients and agencies can collaborate on anything from staff training to scheduling. There are several other innovations that have improved staffing in the 21st century, too.

New Recruiting Strategies

Recent staffing trends have led to better recruiting strategies. It’s common for agencies to utilize a phone interview to get to know a candidate prior to scheduling an in-person interview. Little shifts like this have had a big impact on operation and enabled recruiters to streamline their processes. As recruiting improves, so does candidate quality and client satisfaction.

Better Insurance Coverage

As it has grown, the staffing industry has become subject to more regulations. Though this has been great in making it safer and more fair for employees, the liabilities that result can be a pitfall. Luckily, the insurance industry has responded by offers staffing that’s just as innovative as the best vendor management services. To protect your assets and shield against vulnerabilities, invest in a policy for your agency.

Protecting Your Employees With Workers’ Compensation

One of the most important types of staffing agency insurance is workers’ compensation coverage. The majority of states require you to provide this type of insurance if you employ five or more individuals. This specific type of insurance helps provide financial relief to employees and their families in the event of illnesses, injuries, or even death. Medical bills caused by on-the-job injuries can pile up quickly, and workers’ compensation can ensure that your employees do not face financial ruin on account of them. Here is some basic information about workers’ compensation coverage.

How Does It Work?

When a worker is injured on the job, he or she will not be able to work for an extended period of time. This can cause an extreme loss of wages as expenses begin to add up. If the injury is serious enough, some workers may find themselves permanently disabled, and unable to return to work. Workers’ compensation protects employees from having to financially support themselves during such events. It can also help protect you from potential lawsuits.

Final Thoughts

Not only is having workers’ compensation insurance a legal requirement, it’s simply the right thing to do. Your agency’s employees deserve the best treatment possible, and this coverage guarantees that they will receive just that. Be sure to ask your staffing agency insurance company about this particular type of coverage. It is in the best interest of both your business and your employees.

What Types of Staffing Companies Benefit From Staffing Insurance?

There are many different types of staffing agencies out there. So which ones will benefit the most from staffing insurance? The truth is that most of them will. Whether you run a small staffing business or a large one, chances are that insurance will be a huge benefit to your company. The following is just a small sampling of the types of firms placing professionals, blue-collar workers, and white-collar workers, that can benefit from an insurance policy specifically designed for the staffing industry.


  • Administrative service organizations
  • Consulting services, which include resume writing services, human resources, and more
  • Direct hire companies, such as actual employment agencies
  • Managed service providers
  • Payroll services
  • Professional employer organizations
  • Temporary placements
  • Vendor management systems


Whether you run a large employment agency, striving to help others find permanent work, or if you place your clients with temporary positions, there is a need for staffing insurance. Your company faces many risks each day including injuries, theft, auto accidents, and so much more. Ensure that you, your direct employees, and those who you help find jobs are protected properly with the right kind of insurance coverage.


For more information about staffing insurance, speak to your insurance provider today. They can help you identify risks in order to put together the most comprehensive package available in the industry.

How Your Staffing Agency Would Benefit From Insurance

As a staffing agency, you are part of a powerful and burgeoning industry. In 2011, it was estimated that the staffing industry employed nearly 3 million people across the country. However, there are some particular challenges that staffing agencies face when it comes to liability that are unique to this field. Here are some reasons to acquire staffing agency insurance to protect your business.


High Volume of New People Coming Through Your Doors


Part of your role is to recruit, interview, and send out as many new people as possible to waiting clients. You will be interacting with potentially hundreds of new people per day, all of them who are passing through your office. While it’s important to maintain strong standards for following legal policies, this becomes more difficult when you interact with greater numbers of people. With this high volume of daily, new interactions in your office space, your legal liability also becomes even greater. This liability could be related to physical accidents, employment discrimination or a variety of other factors.


The Right Insurance Lowers Your Increased Liability


Acquiring the right insurance for your staffing agency can help lower your liability and protect you in the case of a lawsuit. No matter how strong your standards are for following legal protocol, it’s impossible to follow every policy, in every situation, with this many people streaming through your doors. Having the right insurance is a smart way to cover your bases and minimize your legal risks.


One of the joys of working in the staffing industry is meeting many new people on a constant basis.  Having the appropriate staffing agency insurance ensures you can do so with peace of mind, rather than with anxiety about any potential legal issues.