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When You Know it’s Time to Switch Insurance Agencies

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As a consumer, you should expect excellent customer service regardless of what product you’re using or looking for. When it comes to insurance in NM, you need a partner that has your best interests in mind. After all, you’re trusting valuable assets and even your family’s future to quality coverage. Not all agencies are created equal, however, and sometimes you need to take your business elsewhere.


With issues related to car, home or fire insurance, time is of the essence. If problems aren’t addressed quickly, they can escalate and lead to more extensive damage or out-of-pocket costs to you. If your agent isn’t responding to your concerns in a timely manner, you need to find insurance in NM that is committed to better service.

Communicates Poorly

One of the biggest complaints customers have about insurance companies is that they raise rates without warning. Your agent owes it to you to communicate any changes to your policy, including premiums or deductibles. If you’re bill is going up every year or even more frequently, and there’s no explanation why, it’s time to move on.

Has Limitations

There’s no reason to stick with an insurance agency that doesn’t give you the level of coverage you need on your home, car or other assets. The best agencies should be able to cater their offerings to your situation.


Three Must-Haves for Staffing Agencies

Temporary staffing insurance

Managing the day-to-day operations of a staffing agency comes with its fair share of challenges. You may be trying to juggle training, client relations and scheduling at any given moment. With all of these responsibilities and more, it can be easy to overlook some of the most essential aspects of the job. There are three important elements, however, that are must-haves for any staffing agency.

  • Temporary staffing insurance: This is an essential for many reasons. Temporary staffing insurance offers protection that traditional insurance typically does not, including coverage for temporary staff and incidents that occur on clients’ grounds.
  • Vendor management services: A good VMS system is an absolute necessity to managing interactions with vendors and scheduling staff for shifts at their facilities. This system is the touch-point for all data entry for clients and staff, too.
  • Liability protocol: A staffing agency deals with plenty of liability on a day-to-day basis. In addition to that posed by staff, you may assume liabilities present at clients’ facilities, too. Always keep protocol at the forefront of situations where liabilities come to fruition.

Staffing is a challenging sector to work in, but with the right tools, you can effectively manage the many responsibilities. Investing in temporary staffing insurance can cover many of the risks you encounter.

Innovative Insurance for Modern Staffing Agencies

Vendor management services

Your staffing agency is likely dependent upon a number of resources for daily operations, and thankfully there have been great strides in making these resources more accessible and effective. One example of this is the evolution of vendor management services and the way they have revolutionized staffing. Through a web portal, clients and agencies can collaborate on anything from staff training to scheduling. There are several other innovations that have improved staffing in the 21st century, too.

New Recruiting Strategies

Recent staffing trends have led to better recruiting strategies. It’s common for agencies to utilize a phone interview to get to know a candidate prior to scheduling an in-person interview. Little shifts like this have had a big impact on operation and enabled recruiters to streamline their processes. As recruiting improves, so does candidate quality and client satisfaction.

Better Insurance Coverage

As it has grown, the staffing industry has become subject to more regulations. Though this has been great in making it safer and more fair for employees, the liabilities that result can be a pitfall. Luckily, the insurance industry has responded by offers staffing that’s just as innovative as the best vendor management services. To protect your assets and shield against vulnerabilities, invest in a policy for your agency.

What Should Your E&O Policy Include?

New York E&O

Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance is a must for professionals who want to protect their firms from claims based on mistakes or omissions that result in damage to clients. When choosing a policy, it is important to consult an insurance professional who can make a comprehensive risk assessment and help you obtain the coverage that will offer you maximum protection.

Flexibility and Options

Typically, most Errors & Omissions policies will provide coverage for legal expenses, judgment amounts and settlements for claims that arise based on allegations of a mistake or omission by the professional firm. Some insurers offer options for extending coverage to prior acts, or coverage that will continue to operate when you are retired. There is also an option that twill allow your policy to begin covering your legal bills from the beginning of a claim, saving you from potentially extensive out-of-pocket spending. Another possible add-on is an extended reporting period, which gives you greater flexibility.

Address Your Individual Risks

Just as professions and firms can differ greatly, New York E&O policies are not one-size-fits-all. If you want to receive comprehensive coverage that addresses your specific needs, it is essential to consult a qualified insurance professional. Choose an insurance provider who offers a wide range of options and will work with you to ensure that your policy is tailor-made for you.

Items Not Covered by Legal Liability Insurance

legal liability insurance in Austin

Most businesses would do well to obtain a thorough insurance policy to protect themselves when unforeseen circumstances present themselves. Law firms face unique risks, and therefore, it would be wise of every firm to obtain legal liability insurance in Austin. A good policy will cover a variety of claims. However, not everything will be covered.

Criminal Acts

Naturally, if a law firm is being sued for conducting criminal activity, then that firm would be unable to use their policy to cover legal expenses. This also includes fraudulent or otherwise dishonest activities.

Two Insured Employees at the Same Company

Your policy will cover everyone who works at your law firm from attorneys to office workers. If one employee sues another employee for whatever reason, your insurance policy would not cover both of them.

Other Exclusions

Additional items that are generally excluded from a legal liability insurance policy include:

  • Property damage caused by an employee of the firm
  • Bodily injury caused by an employee of the firm
  • Claims the firm should have foreseen when the policy was first obtained

Your insurance agent will go over your law firm’s policy in fine detail when you first get it so that you understand every last detail. While there are certainly plenty of exclusions, there are plenty of items that are covered, so acquiring legal liability insurance in Austin is definitely an investment worth pursuing.

Why Use an Independent Insurance Agent?

If you own a business in Connecticut, then you need to have insurance to protect your interests. The independent insurance agents of Connecticut are there to help. Why go with an independent agency? Here are some reasons to consider.

Independent Agencies Have Experience with a Wide Range of Clients and Policies

Because they’re not limited by corporate rules, independent agents are free to provide many types of policies to many types of clients. They tend to have a diverse client list and a lot of knowledge about different businesses. If your business is new to them, they will most certainly have experience with something similar, or know how to find the information they need.

Independent Agencies Can Tailor Policies to Your Needs

Because of their experience with many businesses and their freedom to select from many different policies, independents can tailor any coverage to a client’s specific needs, including exposure, risk tolerance and many other services.

Independent Agencies Can Use Many Different Companies

The primary reason independents can tailor policies to a client’s needs is because they draw policies from several different insurance companies. Because of this capability, they tend to use only the highest-rated companies, and they also tend to get the best price.

For more information, contact one of the independent insurance agents of Connecticut today.

Should You Insure Your Mobile Home?

The independent insurance agents of Connecticut offer a variety of policies to meet the needs of individuals and businesses. Mobile home insurance is one unique form of coverage available. Whether you live in your mobile home full time or use it when you traveling, this policy can provide you with numerous benefits.

Coverage for the Actual Mobile Home

Obviously, protecting the physical mobile home is important. You never know what might happen to the structure of this home. If something goes wrong, it is nice to know that your insurance will cover these costs. The independent insurance agents of Connecticut cover damage that results from a variety of circumstances, including the following:

  • Hail
  • Bursting pipes
  • Windstorms
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Explosion
  • Vandalism
  • Falling objects
  • Lightning

Coverage for Your Belongings Inside

Depending on your needs, you can also invest in coverage for the belongings inside the mobile home. If you live in this home full time, then this policy can protect your valuables. Also, you will not have to pay for a new kitchen or furniture in the event that your mobile home suffers from severe damage.

Coverage for Surrounding Structures

You can also invest in protection for the structures that are nearby your mobile home. With this policy, you will not be held liable if you cause harm to these areas.

Contact the independent insurance agents of Connecticut for more information on insuring your mobile home. They can help you find a policy that is right for you.