Myths About Flood Insurance

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It’s no myth that many homeowners need flood insurance in NJ, but it is a myth that flood insurance covers everything in your home. Whether you currently have flood insurance or are just thinking about taking out a policy, know what you’re actually getting rather than what you think you’re getting.

You Don’t Have to Live in a Flood Plain to Be Eligible for Flood Insurance

Homeowners who live in flood plains are often required to have flood insurance, but that doesn’t mean the card isn’t on the table if you live outside of an area that’s prone to flooding. Not only can you get flood insurance if you live in the middle of a desert, it’s likely cheaper if you do.

Flood Damage Isn’t Included in Your Homeowner’s Policy

This is one of the larger myths about flood insurance that needs to be dispelled and expelled from the insurance narrative. Water damage sustained from burst pipes isn’t the same as water damage sustained from flooding, which means you’ll need separate policies to cover the separate scenarios.

Everything in Your Home Is Not Covered by Flood Insurance

Items that aren’t covered by flood insurance in NJ and elsewhere include damage to your home that exceeds your policy’s limit, damaged items in your basement and living expenses should you have to live elsewhere while your home is being repaired. One option to better protect your home and belongings is to purchase excess flood insurance.

Talk with your insurance agent today about your options for quality flood insurance.


What to Do After Your Home Sustains Flood Damage

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It’s important to know what to do to prepare for a flood, but it’s equally essential that you know what to do after the flood has swept through your neighborhood and is lingering in your basement and everywhere else in your home. Getting flood insurance in New Jersey is sure to help with the process, as will these tips.

Document the Damage

As you’re looking over the totality of the flood damage, take pictures and video of everything you see before you call for repairs or start to get rid of the water. These images and video are vital to your insurance claim, and you want to stand the best chance of your claim being accepted.

Take Measure to Avoid Other Risks

Just because the waters are calm doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Keep an eye out for structural damage to your residence, and get in touch with the local utility company if you think there might be damage to your water, sewer or electrical lines.

Stay Healthy

Flood insurance in New Jersey is meant to protect your finances, but you’ll need more to protect your health. Specifically, you’ll want to wear high, waterproof boots, waders and rubber gloves to protect yourself from contamination. Boil water before drinking it, and throw out food that came into contact with flood water.

Being caught in a flood is the last thing anyone wants, but recovering is possible and easier with a few useful suggestions.

NJ Flood Insurance Carriers

New Jersey residents know exactly how devastating severe flooding can be. From the destruction of homes to the astronomical cost of rebuilding, floods can cause all sorts of troublewhich is why NJ flood insurance is so critical to have.

The Right Plan

If youre looking for the right flood insurance provider, then you should find one thats willing to work closely with you. Your carrier should help you find a customer plan that fulfills your needs without breaking the bank. You should also make sure that they offer plans that can fully cover potential damage to your property, since floodwater damage can run into the tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Other Options

In addition, excess flood insurance might be a good idea. This type of coverage helps to pay for your personal property inside the house, and can help you afford lodging while youre trying to get back on your feet. Rental homes, second homes, and condominiums should also be insured.

Local Providers

When seeking insurance, it helps if you get it from a local carrier that understand the damage that can be caused by flooding in New Jersey. Events in recent years such as Super Storm Sandy have driven home the need for flooding coverage, and anything from a hurricane to a broken water main can lead to trouble. Be sure to get NJ flood insurance to keep your property safe.

How to Know if You Need Flood Insurance

Insuring your home is essential if you want to protect yourself from financial loss. There are many different policies to choose from, which can make it difficult to narrow down which ones are right for you and your home. If you are worried about whether or not you should invest in flood insurance in NJ, there are a few things you can do to find out if it is necessary.

Check Your Paperwork

When you purchased your home you should have received a home inspection. A “Natural Hazards Disclosure” may have been included that outlines whether or not your home is located in a flood zone as designated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Visit Local Government Agencies

Your local county assessor’s office should have an official list of your area’s flood zones. You can find out whether your parcel is listed as a high-risk for flooding and should be insured as such.

Ask Your Neighbors

If needed, you can also check with your neighbors to find out about flood history in your area and whether or not they have flood insurance in NJ. They may have the best information about the background of your area and may be able to give you good advice.

You don’t want to be caught without flood insurance when you really need it, so it is best to do your homework.