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Why a Hospice Might Need Coverage

Hospices provide much-needed comfort and support to individuals at the end of life. Since the services provided are focused, a focused specialty insurance for hospices is needed to provide all the coverage necessary for a hospice to be sufficiently protected.

Protection Against Malpractice Suits

Since hospices do a great deal of medical work, it is imperative they have protection against malpractice lawsuits. These lawsuits can include alleged negligence, errors in healthcare and can quickly become costly.

General Liability Protection

Just as with any place of work, accidents happen. Insurance can provide coverage if someone slips and falls or if someone is otherwise injured. Since the hospice would be liable, insurance can help relieve the burden of these expenses.

Lawsuits Related to Practices

As with any establishment that provides a service, there is always a chance that a hospice could find itself with employee-related lawsuits. These can include alleged discrimination, harassment, unlawful termination and injuries to name a few. Specialty insurance for hospices can help provide coverage in these cases.

Hospices provide a vital service to those who require a lot of care and support. They can also help ease the burden on loved ones. Insurance specially tailored to their needs can allow them focus on the important services they provide.

What to Look For in Allied Health Insurance Programs

Allied Health professional liability insurance programs

As an Allied Healthcare provider, there are a variety of different services that you might offer. No matter which service you offer, you probably are faced with a lot of liability risks. Those who work in the healthcare profession are often more likely to be accused of abuse, negligence or malpractice. It’s important to always be prepared for the chance that a suit may be filed against you. If you’re looking into Allied Health professional liability insurance programs, it can be a little daunting. Here is a rundown of what to look for.

A Tailored Plan

Just as your agency is varied, you want an insurance plan that is oriented around what you and your staff requires. It doesn’t always help you to have the same plan as someone else. Everyone has different risks that they take and different insurance needs.

General and Professional Liability

There are some insurance policies that are only going to offer you general liability. You want an agency that is able to provide you with both. After all, there are risks that are made in both cases. A professional agency will have a variety of options.

Allied Health professional liability insurance programs don’t have to be intimidating. While insurance shopping can get overwhelming at times, knowing what to look for and how to choose the best program is critical to making the right choice.

What Is Covered Under Medical Malpractice Insurance Policies?

Medical malpractice insurance is a form of insurance specifically designed for those who work in the healthcare industry. Medical professionals who do not already have this type of insurance should understand what it covers before contacting a doctors malpractice insurance company to obtain a policy.


Claims of Medical Negligence


The main purpose of malpractice insurance is to protect medical professionals from claims of negligence. For example, if a doctor believed that a patient was suffering from a certain illness and prescribed them a medication that caused them severe harm, the patient may desire to hold their attending physician legally responsible for the mistake.


When this occurs, medical malpractice insurance covers the cost of legal fees, expert witness fees, the cost of a settlement if a patient wins the lawsuit, and other expenses. This ensures that medical professionals are not held financially liable for errors that threaten their medical license and practice.


What Isn’t Covered


Before contacting a doctors malpractice insurance company, medical professionals should also understand that there are certain things that medical malpractice insurance does not cover. Typically, these policies exclude cases where illegal conduct and sexual misconduct are an issue. Additionally, these policies do not cover cases where medical records were altered or items were misrepresented on an insurance application. Medical professionals should further discuss what is and isn’t covered under their malpractice policy with their insurance provider.