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Why You Should See a Dentist for Teeth Whitening

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One of the most popular and affordable ways to improve the look of your smile is teeth whitening. While over-the-counter products have been on the market and are considered safe to use, they do not provide the same results that you can have from your OC cosmetic dentist. Here are a few reasons you should leave your teeth whitening to the pros.

Faster Results

When you opt for a store product, you have to use it consistently for weeks in order to see a difference in the color of your teeth. At a dentist’s office, you can have your teeth whitened at just one appointment. You may need to go a few times if your teeth are particularly discolored, but you should be able to notice an improvement immediately.

Strong and Safe

An OC cosmetic dentist uses whitening agents that are just as safe to use, yet are in a stronger concentration or different combination. The office staff is very adept with dental bleach application to reduce any sensitivity you may experience.

Comfort is Key

Some patients find that using a bleaching tray at home can irritate their gums or make them gag. With in-office whitening, you can be more comfortable without the need for messy impressions to make the trays for home use.

For less mess and time, you can have whiter teeth that can boost your confidence and your appearance. Talk to your OC cosmetic dentist to learn more about in-office teeth whitening or any other treatments that make you smile bigger and brighter.


Why Diabetics Need Regular Dental Visits

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Almost 30 million people in America suffer from diabetes. In addition to the many health complications associated with this condition, researchers have noticed a higher prevalence of gum disease among diabetics. More precisely, they’ve discovered a link between the two conditions. If you’re a diabetic, maintaining regular visits with a Laguna Hills dentist is critical to your overall health.


Poorly controlled blood sugar levels make people living with diabetes more susceptible to gum disease, which is also called periodontal disease. In turn, infected gums make controlling blood sugar more difficult. This is an unhealthy cycle resulting in a decreased ability to fend of infections and to prevent bacteria from attacking the gums.

The Role of Your Dentist

It’s recommended that you visit your Laguna Hills dentist every six months. Researchers have found that blood sugar is better controlled when gum disease is properly treated. Your doctor can perform cleanings that will decrease you HbA1c. This is a lab test that shows how well your diabetes is being controlled over a three month period.

If you’re living with diabetes, work closely with you Laguna Hills dentist. Keep the doctor informed about the medication you’re taking as well as any changes to your condition. Having this open communication helps the doctor and staff provide you with the best dental care for your unique needs.

Health Care Industries Can Benefit From Specialty Insurance

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The health care community is well acquainted with the intricacies of insurance, and when health care industries need their own insurance, they can turn to specialty insurance managers. Taking care of the lives of others is a unique and rewarding experience, but it does not mean that nothing will ever go wrong. Doctors, nurses, and the hospitals or firms that employ them need to be specially covered to protect themselves from being held liable if unintended injuries occur under their watch. Companies that find medical professionals and send them to medical firms to be hired also need to be covered in case someone they provide is not as competent as they presented themselves to be. These are just some of the areas where specialty insurance managers are needed in the world of health care.

Doctors and nurses who treat patients in the patient’s home, companies that sell medical equipment to hospitals, and hospices are all examples of health care industries that need specialized insurance to match their niche of health care. The goal of health care is to treat patient’s illnesses and restore them to full health, but that is difficult to carry on when an industry is bogged down in liability claims. To keep up the work of enriching the lives of others, health care industries should look for specialty insurance managers to keep them covered.

Hygienists May Need Extra Insurance

A dentist office is made up of a team of professionals, including hygienists. Dental hygienists perform important tasks for patients everyday, and this consistent patient interaction puts them at as much risk for malpractice claims as dentists. It may not seem obvious, but hygienist should have dental hygiene liability insurance.


Dental hygienists are at risk of malpractice suits just like any dentist. In some cases, the dental office’s insurance policy will not cover a hygienist. For example, if the hygienist is the subject of the claim, and the dentist is not named, then the existing insurance policy for the office may not cover the costs. Insurance is a way for hygienists to protect their assets in case of a malpractice claim.


There are many reasons a hygienist may be singled out in a malpractice suit. For example, if a patient claims injury of any sort and names the hygienist who administered dental work, then the hygienist will be the defendant of the suit. A patient may also claim failure on the hygienist’s part to detect medical conditions, protect confidential information, or update charts. While it is best to avoid these sorts of situations, malpractice claims can come out of the blue. Even if there turns out to be no real case against the hygienist, the court procedures might be costly. Therefore, it is best to have dental hygiene liability insurance for protection.


In conclusion, a hygienist may find out too late that they are not covered under the office’s insurance policy in certain circumstances. To avoid costly mistakes, they should be sure to protect themselves with a good insurance policy.