Vans Drive Differently than Normal Cars

Volunteer Van

Volunteers who drive a normal car most of the time and a van some of the time should be aware of a few key differences. Each vehicle has its purposes. Before you institute volunteer van driving safety tips, they need to know what to look out for.

Braking Distance

As seen on, volunteers should be aware of the braking patterns in a van versus a normal car. Stopping in a van requires the driver to calculate the stopping distance based on the length and size of the van along with the weight. An empty van may be faster to stop than one loaded down with cargo.

Wide Turns

Because of their height, vans may tip over if the turn is taken too quickly. Unlike a car, vans require a wider right turn. Allow more time to turn and double-check that nothing is in the way of the wider mirrors.

Blind Spots

Every vehicle has blind spots. However, due to their height and length, vans may have larger blind spots than a volunteer may be used to. Reversing can be particularly dangerous due to large rear blind spots. Have the volunteer check the back of the van prior to backing up.

Keep these volunteer van driving safety tips available for all new drivers. Make sure that drivers brush up on their understanding periodically.

3 Ways to Protect Your Classic Car

collectors car insurance

Collecting classic cars is a much-loved pastime of thousands of men and women across the face of the globe. It’s a hobby that can be a bit on the expensive side, but is rewarding nonetheless. Fortunately, collectors car insurance offers aficionados a way to ensure their collection without breaking the bank with modern fees. The coverage options vary, but each and every one has a great benefit that provides your car with the perfect amount of coverage. The three most popular options among classic owners include:

  • Towing insurance. While they’re beautiful additions to a collection, old cars aren’t as reliable as newer models. Towing can be expensive, so having a little financial assistance in the event that you break down is a must if you plan to drive your car around to shows or other destinations.
  • Reimbursement on claims or resulting from accidents. While you’re always careful behind the wheel of such valuable assets, others on the road aren’t always as careful. Specialty collectors insurance takes into account the state, age and make and model of your car to ensure you’re getting what you deserve.
  • Insurance on original parts. If you’ve taken the painstaking measures to ensure your ride is 100 percent authentic, you can make sure these parts are protected from a variety of threats.

These are some of the most common, most beneficial coverage option for collectors car insurance for aficionados everywhere. There are several other options to discuss with professionals that could make collecting cars even more rewarding and satisfying than before.

Keeping Your Battery Alive This Winter Season

auto insurance in Virginia

No matter how you might feel about winter, you’re sure to agree that those frigid temperatures can compromise the performance of your vehicle. Whether you need to make changes to your auto insurance in Virginia this winter, make sure you take steps to keep your car battery in great shape when the mercury plunges.

Because most car batteries only last roughly five to 10 years, you might want to go ahead and change yours out if you’ve had it for a while. If you want to get as much use out of your battery as possible, you should at least start researching replacements and saving up in case your battery suddenly dies on you.

Even newer batteries can fail to get your car going, mainly because of corrosion. Check your battery to see that there isn’t any residue on it, and check to ensure the battery is in its proper place. If you aren’t sure of the best way to take care of corrosion, have a mechanic handle this step for you.

Live in an especially cold area? Investing in a battery blanket goes a long way in keeping your battery nice and warm, specifically the battery fluid. Another great investment is a trickle charger, which keeps the battery from succumbing to the cold while the car is off.

Don’t let your battery get frosty this winter. Just as auto insurance in Virginia protects your car, these tips are sure to protect your battery.

Choosing the Right Classic Car Insurance Agency

NJ classic car insurance

When you start looking into NJ classic car insurance, you may find yourself a little overwhelmed in the market. There are many different insurance companies and agents that are willing to help you. However, it’s never smart to trust your car in the hands of just about anyone. There are many insurance agencies that may not know how to give you the right coverage or that will surprise you with costs in the end.

Most people want to know how to spot a fair agency. The most important factor in finding an agent that you can trust is in what they’re willing to talk with you about upfront. Look for an agent that’s willing to meet with you to talk about every aspect of your classic car. You should be able to talk about what kind of coverage you need. An experience agent will know all of the options that you have. The right agent will know the type of NJ classic car insurance that will suit how often you drive your car or if it’s been restored.

An experienced and trustworthy agent isn’t going to surprise you with costs at the end. There should be nothing hidden from you and you should be able to walk away from the experience knowing that your agent is experienced in insuring classic cars.

Take the Stress Out of the Car Insurance Hunt

VA auto insurance

When you’re shopping for VA auto insurance, the search can get overwhelming. How do you tell one insurance company from another? Don’t they all offer the same thing? Upon first glance, you might think so, but knowing what to look for will help you find the best coverage for your car.

Speaking of your car, do you have a family car or a sporty ride? Make sure the company you hire insures all kinds of vehicles. Additionally, check its policy to see if it offers simple collision insurance or a more comprehensive plan that includes underinsured coverage. This will help if you’re hit by someone who doesn’t carry enough insurance to pay for your vehicle’s damage.

Unfortunately, damage doesn’t just come from accidents. A solid insurance policy works when your car gets flooded, vandalized or stolen, too. This is called other than collision insurance and reaches beyond what a basic plan can do. While not a necessity, it can certainly save you lots of headaches and money.

Finding a company that specializes in VA auto insurance plans not only protects you from expensive liabilities, but it also gives you peace of mind. Whether it’s hail damage or a fender bender, knowing you’re protected will make the situation much less intimidating.

Dog Bite Insurance is for Every Dog Owner

insurance for dog bites

No matter how well behaved man’s best friend is, there is always potential for an injury caused by dogs. You may be thinking that the risk of your dog biting another person or animal is minimal. This may even be true. Even so, insurance for dog bites is vital for every dog owner to have. Here are two circumstances that may not be the dog’s fault but can leave you liable for damages.

Cats and Dogs

While some dogs get along great with cats at home, they may not have that same reaction in pubic. Everyone has seen accounts of dogs chasing cats or dogs getting too rough in play with a cat. If you’re in public, it can be difficult to control your dog if he sees a cat. This isn’t your fault and it’s the dog’s natural instinct. However, if a bite is sustained, insurance for dog bites can help pay for damages.

A Strange Dog

Like humans, dogs can also be suspicious of strangers. When met with an unfamiliar dog, this can sometimes lead to trouble. If the other dog is insecure or afraid, it could lash out first. This can cause a fight in even the tamest animal.

Dog bites can happen in many different circumstances. Even if you aren’t sure, there’s always the possibility and you should always protect you and your dog.

Don’t Forget About Collectible Car Insurance

New Jersey collectible car insurance

Most cars begin to decrease in value after purchase. Classic cars, on the other hand, increase as time goes by. As an owner of one of these cars, it’s important to protect your asset. When you purchase a classic, New Jersey collectible car insurance should be your next step.

Some people shrug off insurance because the car isn’t meant to be driven often. Unfortunately, this doesn’t account for damages that can be incurred while it’s parked. Trees can fall and accidents can happen in the short duration that you spend driving the car. Most auto accidents are unpredictable, the same goes for classic cars.

Classic cars are valuable and in some cases irreplaceable. It’s dangerous to leave something of value to chance, especially when these kinds of cars can run the same risks as regular vehicles while they’re being shown. If you’re worried about cost, keep in mind that there are different forms of coverage even for classic cars. New Jersey collectible car insurance can suit your particular needs.

When it comes to a car that’s only going to increase in value as time goes on, you want to take every step necessary to protect it. Valuable assets shouldn’t be left to chance and collectible car insurance takes the risk out of the equation.

Dangers of Driving Without Insurance

car insurance in CT

There are many different types of insurances out there. You do not necessarily need every one, but if you own a vehicle, then you need to be certain that it is insured. If you get caught without car insurance in CT, there are some serious penalties to pay.

Legal Penalties

If you get pulled over for speeding or some other infraction, you must provide proof of insurance to the police officer. In the event you do not have it, then you may receive a ticket or a sizable fine. There have also been instances where a driver’s license was suspended.

Pay Out of Pocket

The reason you need insurance is if you end up in an automotive accident. Without insurance, you will have to pay out of your own pocket in order to repair the damage. Additionally, if you get hurt, then you will need to cover your own medical expenses. The other driver may file a lawsuit against you, and without insurance, you are going to have to pay for all your own legal fees, which can add up rapidly.

Anyone currently driving without car insurance in CT needs to rectify that situation immediately. The risks are far too great. Talk to a reputable insurance provider so that you can be on your way of being on the right side of the law.

Great Things to Get With Your Auto Insurance

auto insurance ct

Getting a new car is an exciting time, but a lot of work is associated with it as well. You definitely need to get insured in case something happens while you are out on the road. Never be caught without auto insurance in CT, and there are some great perks you can get in a policy.

Coverage for Uninsured Motorists

One of the most frustrating things in an accident is when you try to get the other person’s information, but he or she does not have insurance. This will be a problem of the past for you because you can get coverage that keeps you protected in this exact event.

No-Fault Coverage

You may be a great driver, but many otherwise superb motorists end up in a collision at one point or another. By getting an auto insurance policy that includes no-fault coverage, it will not matter if the accident was your fault or the other person’s. You get protection.

Other Types of Coverage

Review your car insurance policy to make sure you get the following protections as well.

  • Gap coverage
  • Medical payment
  • Rental car
  • Towing

Anything you want as part of your auto insurance in CT, a qualified professional should help you get. Do business with a reputable insurance provider so that you get everything you need.

Reasons to Obtain Collectors Car Insurance

Collecting vintage or antique cars is a worthwhile hobby. Whether you drive these vehicles around town or just send them out to car shows every so often, you need to be certain you have all of them insured. Adding a classic car to a standard auto insurance policy may not be ideal, so you should seek out collectors car insurance for these special vehicles.

You Can Get an “Agreed Value” Policy

An older vehicle with a lot of miles may not get the best coverage on a standard auto insurance policy. However, certain vintage cars become more valuable with age. You can discuss your options with a knowledgeable agent so that you get the most coverage should something ever happen to your vehicle.

Get Coverage for Specialized Parts

Depending on the year and model of your vehicle, certain parts may be harder to get. With a standard policy, you may have to settle for an over-the-counter product which could decrease the overall value of your vintage car. With a more specialized policy, you can get more coverage in order to obtain the exact part that works for your automobile.

You probably put a lot of care into your vintage car collection. It makes sense to take the extra step to acquire collectors car insurance so that you can have peace of mind that you will be covered should something unexpected occur.