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When You Know it’s Time to Switch Insurance Agencies

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As a consumer, you should expect excellent customer service regardless of what product you’re using or looking for. When it comes to insurance in NM, you need a partner that has your best interests in mind. After all, you’re trusting valuable assets and even your family’s future to quality coverage. Not all agencies are created equal, however, and sometimes you need to take your business elsewhere.


With issues related to car, home or fire insurance, time is of the essence. If problems aren’t addressed quickly, they can escalate and lead to more extensive damage or out-of-pocket costs to you. If your agent isn’t responding to your concerns in a timely manner, you need to find insurance in NM that is committed to better service.

Communicates Poorly

One of the biggest complaints customers have about insurance companies is that they raise rates without warning. Your agent owes it to you to communicate any changes to your policy, including premiums or deductibles. If you’re bill is going up every year or even more frequently, and there’s no explanation why, it’s time to move on.

Has Limitations

There’s no reason to stick with an insurance agency that doesn’t give you the level of coverage you need on your home, car or other assets. The best agencies should be able to cater their offerings to your situation.


Solutions for Risk Exposure

Assisted living insurance programs

Any assisted living facility is something different to the staff, the residents, and the owners. Considering the unique exposure to risk that each of these groups represents helps identify the assisted living insurance programs right for your facility.


The assisted living facility is a workplace with diverse types of staff. As a workplace, workers’ compensation insurance is a must. If any staff drives to perform work tasks, you will need auto liability. In addition to general liability, professional liability protects your facility against staff errors. Digital transmission of data has made cyber liability insurance a necessity for many facilities. Employment practices liability covers the risk of human resources errors or lack of compliance with prevailing employment laws.

Home and Property

The assisted living facility is home for all of the residents, and is where they get their care. The general and professional liability coverage protects residents against the risk of injury at the facility or employee error. Crime insurance protects both the residents and staff in the event of criminal activity on the premises. The property of the facility needs to be insured against damage and loss. Property insurance and general liability are key for protection of property value.

There are many potential liabilities in this industry. Assisted living insurance programs can protect you from the various risks of operating an assisted living facility.