Canine Insurance

Canine Insurance

insurance for dog bites

Having your dog bite someone unexpectedly is a scary thought. While this hopefully never happens, canine insurance exists to protect pet owners in case such an event occurs. With this type of insurance for dog bites and other assaults, individual dogs can be insured to protect you against financial hardships that result from damaging dog bites. If you insure your pet, events ranging from a playful nip at a neighborhood child to an aggressive attack on another animal can be covered. Even property damages and mental or emotional injuries that result from a dog can be covered under a canine policy.

With canine insurance, dogs that are considered “dangerous” are individually insured based on their unique characteristics. While one important factor in this is the dog’s breed, it also takes into consideration other factors that suggest its likelihood of aggression or biting. Dogs that help you at work – for instance, service dogs, guard dogs, and therapy dogs can also be covered by canine insurance. Of course, it can be unsettling to imagine that your own furry friend can be labeled a liability. Hopefully you will never have to file a claim for you beloved dog. But having insurance for dog bites and other potential injuries can give you peace of mind that if the worst were to happen, your family and home would be protected.