Building a User-Friendly On-line Presence

Building a User-Friendly On-line Presence

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There are lots of ways to make Websites for Insurance Agents user-friendly and easy to navigate. Most websites structured for the insurance industry utilize a drag-and-drop system built for people that aren’t comfortable navigating the Internet. The idea is to make things so simple those shoppers and customers can visit your site, request quotes and also be able to contact you from any device, anywhere, anytime.


Insurance shoppers and current clients want to be able to find your website when they search for insurance on Google, so you need to do your part by boosting search engine rankings as well as educating shoppers with content about your products and services.  More prospects and clients will call, email, or stop by your agency when you make it easy to do so.


The importance of social media


With everyone using social media on a regular basis, you’ll find that you have a built-in audience right at your disposal. Take advantage of this captive audience by routinely updating your social pages to reflect what’s going on and current trends that are developing. Get more followers, more referrals and more exposure with a social media friendly site.


Perhaps one of the best ways to generate leads is with multiple quote forms and email notifications. Customer service is another area of the utmost importance. Reduce in-agency servicing time and satisfy customers with 24/7 customer service representatives. It’s important that your brand be distinctive and easy to recognize. Gain trust and credibility with a clean and modern website design that makes you look trustworthy.


Becoming a reputable source requires hard work and dedication. Your agents are the face of the company and they need to reach out to potential clients and make them feel like they are vital to the success of your organization. Remember that one of the best ways to build trust as an industry authority is by blogging.


People tend to respond when you are constantly providing information and helpful advice geared to make their decisions about which insurance products to by, and from whom, that much easier. Websites for Insurance Agents should be created to appeal to a wide variety of people looking for answers to the many questions they have about available coverage options.