Building a Marketing Blueprint to Success

Building a Marketing Blueprint to Success

insurance marketing plan

The insurance business has always been about building and maintaining solid relationships and providing value to policyholders. Your insurance marketing plan should read like a blueprint to success. There are several goals that you should aim to achieve and everyone involved must share a similar vision in order for the plan to work. You need to establish (or re-establish) your agency as the market leader in quality and value-priced insurance products in your area.


Start off by maintaining good working relationships with your current clients. This could lead to an increase in referrals and you may be able to sell them additional lines of coverage they may now be in need of. Identify your target markets and provide local small businesses with a comprehensive, yet affordable, basic business package.


Expansion should be part of the equation


Investigate new markets that meet the marketing criteria and focus on providing products suitable to the economic and social climate. On the company website, showcase your knowledgeable and friendly staff as individuals that can empathize with consumers’ circumstances, with an emphasis on providing products that are suitable to their present needs. It helps to provide sales incentives to staff as added motivation for them to meet sales goals.


One thing that should never be overlooked is the importance of good communication between the broker and client to insure proper coverage is in place. Your clients may not be very savvy when it comes to different types of coverage and their purpose. Explain products and services so that they fully understand what they are and are not covered for. This could lead to a purchase of a rider that provides cover for an exposure they didn’t know existed, and they’ll be happy for the added knowledge you’ve provided.


The more informed clients become about insurance will often lead to a tremendous increase in clients wishing in-depth discussions about their policy coverage and how they can get the most value for their insurance dollar. You can help build loyalty and improve customer relationships with personalized greetings, text reminders about policy changes and payment notifications, all essential to your latest insurance marketing plan.