Benefits of Working With Florida Wind Insurance Companies

Florida homeowners exploring wind insurance should consult with insurers before selecting a policy. Though the number of Florida wind insurance companies has decreased due to losses from the past several major hurricanes, there are still reputable firms experienced with weather catastrophes. Working with one of these companies can provide you with many benefits.

For instance, Florida wind insurance companies are required by the state to discount the windstorm portion of insurance premiums for customers who install features that protect against hurricane-force winds, and your insurer can help you decide which of these upgrades will give you the most return. Options include heavier roof shingles; shutters or panels on doors, skylights, windows and vents; a bracing system inside the attic; impact-resistant garage doors; and roof straps to attach the roof to exterior walls.

Following the repairs, your insurer can line you up with a certified inspector who will sign off on your wind-resistant features. With this step completed, you will qualify for insurance premium discounts of up to 42%!

In addition, your policy may differentiate between damage from a hurricane, a named storm and a wind or hail event, and your insurer can help you understand the difference as you select appropriate coverage and deductible levels.

Even if you have done your own research, working with a Florida wind insurance company will give you the facts you need to select the right policy for you—and give you an expert to consult with should your home suffer wind damage.

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