Behind Successful Agent Sites

Behind Successful Agent Sites

Insurance Agent Websites 

If you’re looking into insurance agent websites, chances are that you’re only scratching the surface of what a site needs to be successful. It’s completely natural that concepts such as search engine optimization, visitor analytics and cyber security would be relatively foreign to you— unless you’re a web developer as well as an insurance agent. Here is some of the hidden work that goes into web design and how it benefits you directly as an agent.

The Importance of Robots

One of the most important aspects of good insurance agent websites is how good the site looks— to computers. Search engines are responsible for ranking pages and showing them to people who are interested in a specific subject. This ranking is done mostly by computer programs, so sites that look better to robots get more views by humans. Getting your site up to the first results page is the goal of a multidisciplinary marketing process called search engine optimization. These higher positions get you more views, enabling your site to generate more leads.

Data for Success

Another aspect of sites that you probably don’t see very often is the analytics page. This is an information portal available only to the owner of a website. You might also need extra security, as sites are randomly targeted and hacked every day. Suffice to say that the best insurance agent websites are often much more than they appear to a casual visitor.