What Is Attorney Liability Insurance?

If you are preparing to inquire about attorney liability insurance quotes, it is important that you understand what this sort of coverage entails.


Unlike more general liability insurance, which covers things like bodily injury, property damage or personal injury, the purpose of attorney liability insurance it to help protect attorneys if a negligence claim is made against them.


Without such coverage, attorneys would need to bear the full brunt of the costs associated with defending themselves against civil lawsuits.


When an attorney is alleged to have failed in some aspect of his or her job, either by error or omission, he or she may be subject to claims, and liability insurance covers specific potential causes for such suits.


Even if a legal action proves groundless, legal liability insurance may cover the defense costs.


However, legal liability typically does not cover criminal actions, nor does it usually cover certain liabilities pertaining to civil law, unless those actions are specifically covered by the policy.


In many states, attorneys are required to carry liability insurance, and policies are generally predicated upon claims that occur while the policy is active.


If a claim relates to incidents that occurred before the policy was enacted, it may not be covered unless the policy includes retroactive protection.


Typically, coverage continues for the lifespan of the policy, and should an attorney cancel the insurance, incidents that occurred while the policy was active most likely will not be covered.


Most companies offer attorney liability insurance quotes either online or via telephone, and in most cases the process usually takes little time.