Artificial Intelligence and Staffing Analytics

Artificial Intelligence and Staffing Analytics

staffing industry analytics

Artificial intelligence is changing the landscape of society quickly without the conscious attention of the masses. Many processes will soon be automated by intelligence algorithms that are designed to become more efficient over time. These advances have also made impacted staffing industry analytics and how staffing agencies make decisions in the 21st century. Before technology advanced, many staffing agencies were creating manual records for successful placements, and locating this information could become cumbersome over time. Various staffing agencies are enlisting the talents of technology firms to design systems that accurately track data flow and other metrics. Staffing industry analytics will become increasingly important as the gig economy continues to gain its footing in society.

Analytics and the Gig Economy

With the gig economy picking up steam, traditional staffing agencies will eventually have to form contracts with smaller businesses alongside existing clientele. When observing staffing industry analytics, the type of placements that are being made continues to change with the movement of the economy. As many positions are being phased out over time, potential candidates will be looking to find work in new areas. These analytical programs need to include forecasts and the likelihood of the availability of a position over a specified amount of time. There are a lot of metrics to consider as people move into the fourth industrial revolution.