Advice for Home Growers of Marijuana

Advice for Home Growers of Marijuana

Hemp Insurance Program

Growing cannabis at home is a wonderful way to save money and ensure you are consuming only the freshest product. Before you begin your home cultivation project, consider these legal grow op tips from experienced growers.

  1. Do Your Homework

Canadians had cause to celebrate when the federal government legalized home marijuana cultivation. However, provinces have created their own laws to regulate the practice. So before getting too far along in your planning, research the laws where you live.

  1. Source Your Seeds Wisely

With so many people jumping on the retail cannabis bandwagon, you have to be sure that the supplier you choose is trustworthy. Ask other growers who they use, or join Internet discussion boards if you don’t know anyone personally.

  1. Grow Indoors

Even though the idyllic image of tending crops in the fresh air is appealing, there is too much risk involved in keeping your vulnerable plants exposed to the elements. They can be lost to insects or, worse yet, to dishonest people.

  1. Insure Your Plants

Most people don’t realize that cannabis plants can be insured, but a good hemp insurance program is crucial. Even with the four-plant per household limit, the expenses from your plants, fertilizer, water, and grow lights are an investment that you need to protect.