Adding to the List of Visitors to Your Website

Adding to the List of Visitors to Your Website

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If you’re one of thousands of insurance sites it should be safe to assume that you already have a LinkedIn page for the agency, or have you only created a page for yourself? Like any social media site, you should setup a page for your business on LinkedIn to help raise your agency’s profile. Your page can include images, video, description, and other information about your agency.

Make sure to add a link to your website and ask that all of your staff members link up their own profiles with the agency’s. This can only make your profile much more visible in search results and that certainly counts for something. Another solid avenue for garnering more business is the use of familiar local images on your website as a great way to connect with the local audience and remind them that you’re easily within reach. After all, your website should be an extension of your agency.

Custom landing pages help improve business

A landing page is that page on your website that’s specifically designed to get visitors to sign up for something or ask for a quote. Normally you use landing pages with online ads because you can send traffic right to the landing page you desire that they visit. That could be anything from getting a quote, to signing up for an email list, or anything else for that matter.

Make different, custom landing pages that contain varied messages, images, and layouts. The idea is to see which one works the best. You can also create many different landing pages for different industries, demographics, or traffic sources, depending on your particular needs.

Have you considered adding live quotes on your website? We know that most people like to shop online for insurance and would like to be provided with live quotes. Live quoting on your website works really well for a variety of insurance products and there are plenty of companies you can have set your insurance sites up to provide you with this service.

Video blogging can be fun and rewarding but remember to keep it short, as most people won’t watch a long, drawn out video online. With that in mind, get started and much success!