The Scoop Master: Joe McDonnell

Radio has had many iconic voices over the years. In terms of sports talk radio especially in the LA area there is only one man that many people think of and that is The Big Nasty Joe McDonnell. He was the voice of the people he was a true fan and I think that is why the man had such a following for his 40 years on the airwaves.

He was the man when it came to getting the scoops. When Magic Johnson was making his huge comeback he was there. When the unthinkable of Wayne Gretzky being traded happened again he was in the know. When Pat Riley got canned again The Big Nasty knew all about it. Fans just hung on his every word. Sadly as the mans fame and personality grew so did his waste line. Joe McDonnell would at his heaviest weigh an incredible 740 pounds. He was a ticking time bomb and the decision was made that he would need to have the risky gastric bypass surgery.

Joe McDonnell has lost the better part of 400 pounds which is just phenomenal. he now looks and feels great, but sadly this once titan of the airwaves no longer can be heard like he was once before. he still works, but as the sports guy on KNX 1070 which many see as a huge waste of the former big mans amazing talents.

As far as sports radio hosts goes who knows if we will ever get another who not only could get us the scoops, but also have the personality like The Big Nasty Joe McDonnell had.