A Useful Tool for Increasing Website Traffic

A Useful Tool for Increasing Website Traffic

SEO for Insurance

Agencies have long used SEO (search engine optimization) as a way to increase their insurance website’s visibility in searches. SEO is one of the best strategies for helping agencies improve their search engine placement and extremely helpful in generating more traffic to their site.

The insurance industry is among the most competitive online businesses and as such, requires a unique approach to search engine marketing. Your job is to put in the time necessary that could pay off in higher conversion rates in the future.

Google regularly changes its relevance scoring, thereby making the competition for keywords extremely high among your competitors. What you must try to avoid is the likelihood of ending up competing among the larger companies in your industry. You simply don’t have that kind of spending power. In spite of this, there are a number of tactics with regards to SEO for Insurance that can help your agency improve their current rankings.

Good website design is part of the plan

In addition to designing your website with potential visitors in mind, you should also appeal to the “bots” that are deployed by search engines to index your site, since this determines any relevance given to specific keyword searches being used for a particular product or service. Remember that people and machines will view the same pages from an entirely different perspective and you want both to respond positively, so make this a primary consideration whenever you begin designing your site.

Your SEO team should focus a portion of their time on building citations on popular local portals. Citations are mentions of your business on other websites that include, at minimum, your agency’s name, physical address, and phone number.

Your “Landing Page” should be linked to your social media page, and accessible via email campaigns or search engine-marketing campaigns. This can help to enhance the effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

SEO for Insurance starts by having a well laid out landing page. This is essential to your insurance search engine marketing plan. Utilizing these tools effectively can increase the number of visitors to your site, thus increasing the potential to make solid contacts and add sales revenue to your business.