A Guide To Independent Living Facilities Commercial Insurance

A Guide To Independent Living Facilities Commercial Insurance

Not all elderly residents living in a retirement community require the same amount of attention as other individuals. Some of them are quite capable of taking perfectly good care of themselves and doing their own eating, dressing and bathing. The newer generation of independent senior citizens come with new requests, and with those special requests come new risks that require independent living facilities commercial insurance.

Risk Management

 If you run a retirement community that caters to a variety of senior citizens, then you’ll want to make sure that you have adequate coverage for each type of senior citizen, from those who can take care of themselves to those who need constant attention. A team of underwriters will be able to work with you to develop the perfect independent living facilities commercial insurance plan. Senior citizens who live by themselves still pose a risk, and you need to have parameters in place that will protect the both of you from various situations. Key coverage can include general liability, workers compensation, sexual misconduct, commercial property, business auto coverage and employee benefits liability. Having independent living facilities coverage will prove to current and future residents that you’re staying current on the latest industry changes.

Get in touch with a reputable and experienced insurance company so that you can get back to running your retirement community and taking care of your residents while your insurance agent takes care of risk mitigation, control costs and loss prevention.