A Dream Deferred: Improving Your Life Insurance Qualification Chances

A Dream Deferred: Improving Your Life Insurance Qualification Chances

You did not expect your family to start so soon but, now that it has, you know you need to make a plan, right? New parents serve their legacy well by gathering  a last will and testament alongside a life insurance policy.

Life Insurance Qualifications

Life insurance is cash protection for your family in the event of an untimely passing. In order to apply for a death benefits policy, you will want to understand life insurance qualifications: agents review these factors prior to considering you for a certain plan. Because there are a variety of insurance options available, you may qualify for a different plan from your partner.

Medical Health Inconsistencies

If you suddenly feel motivated to start working out, you’re not alone. Insurers may suggest changes in lifestyle routines for the policyholder that will intentionally influence life insurance qualifications. These changes can make the difference between paying a higher or lower monthly premium:

  • smoking cessation
  • weight loss
  • alcohol modification
  • speeding ticket moratorium
  • switching occupations

High Risk Occupations

The premiums for dangerous jobs are among the highest available. For those police officers and fire fighters who were already considering a career change, the move will make all the difference in your life insurance qualifications.

Purchasing a plan for term or whole life insurance has a delayed gratification. Your family’s peace of mind to cover burial expenses makes it worth the wait.