5 Types of Insurance You Can’t Live Without

5 Types of Insurance You Can’t Live Without

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Insurance is a necessary expense that provides financial support during life’s biggest challenges. If you’re looking for insurance in Wilmington DE, here are five types of policies you can’t live without.

1. Auto Insurance

All registered drivers are required to carry auto insurance by law. Basic insurance provides liability in the event you crash into another vehicle. Collision, theft and glass insurance are extensions that you should seriously consider to fully protect yourself on the road.

2. Homeowners Insurance

Protect your largest investment and all your personal belongings with a strong homeowners insurance policy. Additional coverage can include pools, sheds and other outdoor property.

3. Flood Insurance

Homeowners insurance doesn’t necessarily cover flooding. If your home is in a high-risk zone, additional flood insurance is usually advised to protect your belongings and repair structural damage from a flood.

4. Renters Insurance

Your landlord’s commercial insurance usually doesn’t cover your personal property. Renters insurance protects your personal assets and provides coverage for guests who suffer injuries inside your apartment.

5. Business Insurance

Whether you run a large firm or a small, home-based business, you need separate insurance to protect your business assets. General liability, professional liability and commercial auto are few examples that you may need.

How to Get Covered

Call your provider to discuss your options for insurance in Wilmington DE. Estimate the value of your assets and select a plan that provides you optimal coverage.