3 Uses of Social Media for Insurance

3 Uses of Social Media for Insurance

As social media is becoming ever more prevalent in modern life, you should really look into all the benefits it can provide to brokers at an insurance company. Social media for insurance is a great way for insurers, advisors and brokers to stay in touch with clients, but it can also provide numerous other benefits.

Show New Products

Insurers are beginning to realize that social media pages are a great way to show new products and services to clients who may not have learned about them otherwise. Additionally, with so many websites becoming compatible with mobile devices, clients can access information from anywhere.

Tool for Detecting Fraud

Fraud in disability claims and workers compensation has been known to happen from time to time, and although most of the time it will be legitimate, social media can be a viable tool in determining if someone’s claim is genuine.

Staying in Touch

As a broker or insurer, it is important to remember that your clients are people, too. Social media can be a great way to remain aware of all the life events occurring in your clients’ lives so that you know where they are and what they might need from you in the future.

You should not be intimidated by new technologies. Instead, you should embrace them and use social media for insurance to your advantage.