3 Types of Business Insurance You Didn't Know You Needed

3 Types of Business Insurance You Didn't Know You Needed

Investing in a good insurance policy is important for any starting business. When looking for new business insurance in New Brunswick NJ, in addition to the standard coverage such as product or professional liability, workers compensation and property damage, there are other types that may be beneficial.

Business Interruption

For a new business, shutting down for even a few days due to a natural disaster or government closure can be financially damaging. Business interruption insurance plans can cover your company for the income that would’ve been made, as well as paying for rental expenses needed for keeping the business open.

Errors & Omissions

No company intends to make mistakes, but even the best worker isn’t perfect. Errors & Omissions insurance covers a business for negligence in services provided, or that failed to be provided.

Pollution Liability

Non-industrial companies may not realize that they could be found liable for an incident with environmental impact. In addition to manufacturers, contracting, transportation and even dry cleaning business may be at risk. Pollution liability insures a business for cases of accidentally released fuels, cleaners or other contaminants, covering cleanup and property damage claims as well as possible bodily injury.

Specialized companies may require other specialized insurance options as well. Working with an experienced provider of new business insurance in New Brunswick NJ, you’ll be able to tailor a plan for your business’s specific needs.