3 Types Auto Insurance Coverage You Should Remember

Most Connecticut auto insurance plans offer collisions coverage, and some even extend into a comprehensive coverage plan. But just how comprehensive is that “comprehensive plan?” This is something you can discuss with your agent, and while you’re at it, here are some situations that you might not have thought of.


Aside from being covered for damages, there are some situations when you need to get your car towed, and this will be an entirely separate cost. Save yourself from paying a bill that could be well over 100 dollars by being prepared with towing coverage.

Driving a Rental Car

Just because you’re only driving it temporarily doesn’t mean that accidents don’t happen. Any time you need to get a rental car, even if it’s because your own car is already in the shop, you’d be better off paying a small premium than having to deal with the costs of a damaged vehicle.

Gap Coverage

If it happens that your car ends up totaled, and you still have a lot owed on a loan you took out to pay for it, you could end up losing a lot of money. This kind of coverage will reimburse you so you don’t end up owing the bank for a car you can’t even drive.

While these situations don’t always arise, there is always a chance they can happen. That’s what you’ll want to be prepared for as you shop for Connecticut auto insurance.