3 Tips for a Website Redesign

3 Tips for a Website Redesign

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For many agencies, once they have a website up, it’s left alone. However, website design, trends and best practices evolve. Having an out of date website can be almost as detrimental as having no site. The best insurance agency websites generate leads and have engaging content. If your agency has a site, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything for you, here are a few tips to help your website work as hard as you do.

Keep it Simple

Keep the web design simple by eliminating unnecessary information. Navigation tabs should be clear and the home page minimalist. Relevant content, high-quality images and a call to action can focus a visitor’s attention and let you guide them where you want them to go.

Keep it Short

Visitors to websites typically scan the content. Blog posts, informative articles, descriptions of who you are and the services you offer should consist of short paragraphs with headers, sub-headers and bullet points. This breaks up the content and makes it easier to digest.

Keep it Responsive

More than 25 percent of Americans use mobile devices almost exclusively to access the Web. For sites that have been operating for more than two years, they may be mobile friendly, but not necessarily responsive. If yours has limited usability on a smartphone or tablet, it’s time for an update.

The best insurance agency websites have a contemporary design and relevant content. Experienced marketing professionals can help with a website redesign, including SEO and social.