3 Things to Remember About Liability Insurance

Whether you are in Tallahassee or Tampa there are a few things to remember when you are looking for liability insurance in Florida. Knowing a few simple facts about this important insurance product will help you make the decision when you are shopping.

1. Cover the Legal Basics

Businesses purchase general liability insurance to make sure they can cover legal fees associated with any potential lawsuit. Remember that liability insurance only covers costs incurred from lawsuits filed against your business by individuals who do not work for you.

2. Protect Your Business Against the Slip-And-Fall

Don’t be surprised if some of the agencies you encounter when you are looking for liability insurance in Florida refer to the product as “slip-and-fall” insurance. Professionals sometimes call liability insurance by this nickname because the product protects companies from injuries that occur at your place of business.

3. Not a Legal Requirement, Though Often Required

You usually do not need general liability coverage as a legal requirement, but it is often included as a requirement in many business and rental contracts. It is also a normal requirement of most business licenses, like a plumber or electrician’s license.

Remember these three facts when you search for liability insurance in Florida. If you do, you’ll be sure to make the right choice.