3 Things Insurance Agents Need for Excellent SEO

3 Things Insurance Agents Need for Excellent SEO

SEO for insurance agents

Search engine optimization, especially on the local front, is essential for any insurance agent who wants traffic to get to his or her website. Good SEO for insurance agents requires three components. Check them out below and implement them into your own website.

1. High-Quality Content

SEO is more than keywords; it’s content. While your homepage and service pages require keywords, the best way you can interest people in your website is to create high-quality blogs based on the keywords and phrases people are searching for. Well-written, informative content is gold for people who want their sites to climb the Google ranks.

2. Use of Social Media

An increasing number of consumers use Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram to interact with brands and determine which products and services they want to spend their money on. Create business accounts on major social media sites and add engaging content regularly to help build your brand and its SEO rankings.

3. Long Tail Keywords

Practically every agent you can think of is using the keyword “insurance agent.” You need to find words and phrases with less competition if you want to get ahead of the game. This is where your location comes in. “Life insurance” is basic and pulls up every nationwide agency there is, but if you add “Columbus, OH” to make your long tail keyword “life insurance in Columbus, OH,” you’ll compete with far fewer agencies and climb the ranks faster.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can create excellent SEO for insurance agents. Doing so means bringing in more traffic and potential clients to your website.