3 Signs Your Mansion Needs Extra Coverage

3 Signs Your Mansion Needs Extra Coverage

Delaware mansion insurance

Your home is probably one of your most significant assets. As such, you want to be certain you do everything you can to protect it. Did you know, though, that if you live in a high-end home, you might not have adequate insurance? Here are three signs you need Delaware mansion insurance.

1. You Have Expensive Exterior Finishes

Luxury homes often have the sort of opulent exterior finishes that set them apart from ordinary residences. If your home has a slate roof, marble fountain, brass light fixtures, or any other high-end, exterior finishes, your house might suffer particularly expensive damage in a routine storm. A standard policy, then, might be insufficient.

2. You Have a Pool, Tennis Court, or Other Active Feature

If you have a swimming pool, tennis court, or other feature where activity occurs, your home might be more dangerous than a standard house. Because of this, you might need to carry an insurance policy that has higher liability limits.

3. You Own Expensive Art and Furniture

In the event of a fire, you want to make sure all interior furnishings have replacement protection. For those who decorate their mansions with expensive artwork and furniture, Delaware mansion insurance can provide more protection than a conventional homeowner policy.

If you live in a high-end home, consider purchasing an insurance policy to match.