3 Reasons To Purchase Commercial Roadside Assistance

3 Reasons To Purchase Commercial Roadside Assistance

Commercial vehicle insurance can be pretty expensive when your whole business is transporting cargo for other companies, but it’s also your primary form of risk protection. You need it to be cost efficient, but you also need it to be robust. When it comes to roadside assistance for truck drivers, there are a few great reasons to consider it a sound investment. It does not matter if you are covering yourself as an owner operator or you are investing in fleet protection, it is worthwhile for business owners at all levels of the transportation industry.

1. Simple Emergency Planning

Roadside assistance packages do more than just cover your costs for towing, battery assistance, and other maintenance basics. It also provides you with a single point of contact to reach an affiliated service company from anyplace your business takes you.

2. Fewer Surprise Expenses

The cost of a breakdown while you are on a run is not usually the issue when it comes to funding a service call. It is the disruption in your budget that really winds up setting you back, disrupting your plans for the cash you have on hand.

3. It Bundles With Commercial Truck Coverage

Separate roadside assistance packages do exist for those who want to invest in them, but usually you can add this service to a full commercial truck policy for just a couple dollars a month per truck. Roadside assistance for truck drivers becomes very cost effective as part of a larger insurance policy because of the way it mitigates other risks to the underwriter.