3 Easy Ways To Pay Your Insurance Premiums

3 Easy Ways To Pay Your Insurance Premiums

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In more ways than ever before, insurance companies have made it easier for their clients to make payments towards their premiums. Learn more about the different ways you can manage your commerce insurance pay bill right from inside your home.

Call a Toll-Free Number

Depending on which company you buy insurance from, the payment method by phone may be one of two methods. When calling the commerce insurance pay bill number, you will either carry out the payment via an interactive voice response prompt or talk to a representative. Simply follow the automated prompts or provide necessary payment information and you will receive a confirmation number at the end of the call.

Mail Your Payment

Most insurance companies will send you a payment notice at least 2 weeks before it is due. If you decide to pay by mail, the notice should include a mailing address for you to send your payment. Simply mail your personal check or money order to the listed address with the bill stub.

Online Payments

Whether you’d like to make a one-time payment or set up automatic payments, most insurance companies give you the tools needed to manage your policy payments online. The payment options often include electronic funds transfers, debit or credit cards, and online checks.