3 Design Trends to Include on Your Insurance Site

3 Design Trends to Include on Your Insurance Site

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Websites need to keep on trend in order to attract new visitors. No matter your business, if you want new clients, it’s important to stay flexible and current. This is true of insurance websites, as well, even if insurance may seem boring or uninteresting from the outside. This is why it’s only more important to keep an eye on website trends and look to those familiar with insurance web design for aid in creating something to draw attention and grow your client base.

1. Large Photographs and Images
High-resolution screens and cameras allow for the usage of incredibly detailed and beautiful images to welcome customers to a webpage. This can be quite appealing if you use the right imagery, giving a viewer’s eye something to admire.

2. Minimalistic Design
Don’t over-clutter the space on your website. This can be overwhelming and confusing to most viewers, giving them a noisy sight to look at. Minimalistic design itself has a couple of important components to it:

Flat colors and graphics – Don’t overdo the effects and colors on your designs, as this can be distracting and overbearing.
Include white space – Give your viewer room to breathe and explore, rather than trying to squeeze everything together.

3. Be Bold!
While you’ll need to be careful not to overdo the colors with insurance web design, the strong use of bold color can be incredibly attractive to the modern viewer. Just be sure to limit it to only one or two main colors that are on brand.