3 Critical Steps to Having a Safer Workplace

3 Critical Steps to Having a Safer Workplace

Workplace safety can be a major factor in productivity and morale. Additionally, when a workers’ compensation insurance broker reviews a workplace, a culture of safety can mean an improved risk profile, which adds up to lower rates. Here are three critical steps that will help ensure a safer workplace.

Create a Culture of Safety

Employers should create a culture in which safety is viewed as a priority. Employers should strive to provide safe working conditions by understanding their workplace and encouraging employees to follow procedures and not take risks. One excellent way to do this is through safety training.

Develop Good Safety Training

Good safety training is more than establishing a few rules and giving a lecture on OSHA compliance. Good safety training should:

  • Address relevant safety issues in a clear manner.
  • Teach safe practices.
  • Ensure there are both preventative and crisis procedures in place.
  • Help employees understand that safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Use Metrics to Keep Track

Finally, develop a feedback loop to qualify the safety measures you’ve put in place. Keeping records will help determine whether the program is working or if it needs improvement.

If your workplace has a culture of safety, your workers’ compensation insurance broker should be able to offer you the best rates possible.