3 Business Insurance Policies to Consider

Businesses of all sizes invest in insurance to protect themselves in the event of harm. It’s hard to predict what might happen in the future. When you have business insurance in New York, you can have peace of mind about your finances. Here are three coverage options to consider.

  1. Umbrella Policy – It is common for businesses to carry a liability policy. A professional liability policy, for example, can protect you if errors or omissions cause harm to another individual. Sometimes it is a good idea to purchase an umbrella policy in addition to your liability policy. This type of policy can extend your liability limits, so you to have the coverage you need.
  2. Workers Compensation – One important policy that businesses should carry is known as workers compensation. If one of your employees gets injured on the job, you will probably be held liable. Since it is hard to prevent many injuries from occurring, it is smart to carry a workers compensation policy. This will enable you to pay for the expenses associated with work related injuries.
  3. Property Insurance – If your business owns property, then it is important to purchase business insurance in New York that will protect this valuable asset. With property insurance, you can usually file a claim in the event of vandalism, fire, theft, and windstorm.

Contact an insurance agent today for more information on business insurance in New York. Together you can determine what coverage is right for your business.