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4 Reasons to Get Motel Insurance

Tennessee motels insurance

When you operate a motel, you want it to run as smoothly as possible to ensure your guests have a good time. Doing so not only makes them more likely to return, but also makes it more likely they will recommend you to someone else. One of the most important parts of operating a safe establishment is purchasing Tennessee motels insurance.

It Protects Your Property

You must purchase insurance to protect your property. This ensures you will have the money to rebuild as necessary if you are the victim of a fire or flood, or if someone vandalizes your property.

It Protects Your Guests

The right insurance ensures your guests receive compensation if they are injured on your property. You can also purchase insurance that protects their personal belongings.

It Protects You

Without the proper insurance to cover your building, your employees and your guests, you could find yourself in messy legal situations. They often take thousands of dollars and sometimes result in closed businesses.

It’s the Law

Tennessee law requires all motels have the proper insurance. Without it, you face expensive fines, business closure or worse. The type of coverage you need will depends on the size of your establishment and the amenities you provide to guests.

When you need to purchase Tennessee motels insurance, be sure to work with a reputable insurance provider. He or she should have experience in the hospitality industry and be willing and able to guide you through the process.

Myths About Flood Insurance

flood insurance in NJ

It’s no myth that many homeowners need flood insurance in NJ, but it is a myth that flood insurance covers everything in your home. Whether you currently have flood insurance or are just thinking about taking out a policy, know what you’re actually getting rather than what you think you’re getting.

You Don’t Have to Live in a Flood Plain to Be Eligible for Flood Insurance

Homeowners who live in flood plains are often required to have flood insurance, but that doesn’t mean the card isn’t on the table if you live outside of an area that’s prone to flooding. Not only can you get flood insurance if you live in the middle of a desert, it’s likely cheaper if you do.

Flood Damage Isn’t Included in Your Homeowner’s Policy

This is one of the larger myths about flood insurance that needs to be dispelled and expelled from the insurance narrative. Water damage sustained from burst pipes isn’t the same as water damage sustained from flooding, which means you’ll need separate policies to cover the separate scenarios.

Everything in Your Home Is Not Covered by Flood Insurance

Items that aren’t covered by flood insurance in NJ and elsewhere include damage to your home that exceeds your policy’s limit, damaged items in your basement and living expenses should you have to live elsewhere while your home is being repaired. One option to better protect your home and belongings is to purchase excess flood insurance.

Talk with your insurance agent today about your options for quality flood insurance.


Innovative Insurance for Modern Staffing Agencies

Vendor management services

Your staffing agency is likely dependent upon a number of resources for daily operations, and thankfully there have been great strides in making these resources more accessible and effective. One example of this is the evolution of vendor management services and the way they have revolutionized staffing. Through a web portal, clients and agencies can collaborate on anything from staff training to scheduling. There are several other innovations that have improved staffing in the 21st century, too.

New Recruiting Strategies

Recent staffing trends have led to better recruiting strategies. It’s common for agencies to utilize a phone interview to get to know a candidate prior to scheduling an in-person interview. Little shifts like this have had a big impact on operation and enabled recruiters to streamline their processes. As recruiting improves, so does candidate quality and client satisfaction.

Better Insurance Coverage

As it has grown, the staffing industry has become subject to more regulations. Though this has been great in making it safer and more fair for employees, the liabilities that result can be a pitfall. Luckily, the insurance industry has responded by offers staffing that’s just as innovative as the best vendor management services. To protect your assets and shield against vulnerabilities, invest in a policy for your agency.

Crime on the Open Seas

contingent cargo coverage

The seas are a busy place. Approximately 90 percent of the world’s trade takes place over the open waters, with includes activity from the top three exporters: China, the United States and South Korea. Certain well-trafficked areas, such as the Singapore Strait have attracted the attention of pirates looking to make a quick catch. They’re not so much after the ships themselves, which can cost up to $200 million to outfit, and they’re wiser for it. They know that stealing a vessel would require complete submission by the crew and somehow escaping the notice of authorities throughout a long voyage. Instead, they’re interested in quick plunders that they can perform without a big show, like hopping aboard momentarily to siphon off diesel fuel. Your contingent cargo coverage can be customized to protect your business against these types of unfortunate losses.

The newest bandits are organized and stealthy about their attacks. The U.S. Merchant Marine calculates that the estimated cost of global piracy may be as high as $8.3 billion annually. Is your contingent cargo coverage robust enough to financially make up for a big loss? Don’t try to pass these costs onto your clients – the high price may make them reconsider doing business with you. Instead, protect your company’s assets with a sturdy insurance policy.

What to Do After Your Home Sustains Flood Damage

flood insurance new jersey

It’s important to know what to do to prepare for a flood, but it’s equally essential that you know what to do after the flood has swept through your neighborhood and is lingering in your basement and everywhere else in your home. Getting flood insurance in New Jersey is sure to help with the process, as will these tips.

Document the Damage

As you’re looking over the totality of the flood damage, take pictures and video of everything you see before you call for repairs or start to get rid of the water. These images and video are vital to your insurance claim, and you want to stand the best chance of your claim being accepted.

Take Measure to Avoid Other Risks

Just because the waters are calm doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Keep an eye out for structural damage to your residence, and get in touch with the local utility company if you think there might be damage to your water, sewer or electrical lines.

Stay Healthy

Flood insurance in New Jersey is meant to protect your finances, but you’ll need more to protect your health. Specifically, you’ll want to wear high, waterproof boots, waders and rubber gloves to protect yourself from contamination. Boil water before drinking it, and throw out food that came into contact with flood water.

Being caught in a flood is the last thing anyone wants, but recovering is possible and easier with a few useful suggestions.

What Does Home Insurance Actually Cover?

home insurance in ct

Home insurance in ct has many different aspects, so you should take an adequate amount of time to understand your policy before you make the final purchase. Contrary to popular belief, home insurance provides four primary types of coverage. If you have ever wondered about the type of coverage a home insurance policy offers, take a look at the information below.
Common Types of Coverage

Here are the following types of coverage you can expect to receive from your policy.

  •  Liability: If another person’s property is damage at your home, your policy will provide a limited amount of coverage.
  •  Additional Structures: Structures such as barns, swimming pools, and decks will usually be covered by your home insurance in ct.
  •  Contents: The property inside of your home will be covered in the event of a burglary, fire, or natural disaster.
  •  Use: If the inhabitants of the property cannot reside on the property, the policy will pay for another residence until the current property is repaired or replaced.

These are the most common types of coverage offered by home insurance policies, but you should still take the time to examine your individual policy.

Contact a Professional Agency

Finding the right policy is necessary if you want to protect your home. A professional agency will be able to help you find and select the right one. Just remember to ask specific questions about coverage during the consultation process.

Shielding Your Business from Everyday Threats

commercial insurance austin tx

As a business owner, protecting your business from any and all potential threats should be your top priority. Commercial insurance in Austin, TX is here to help by providing coverage for practically any situation that your business faces on a daily basis. These insurance policies help to keep your business safe and your all-important cash flow intact by providing several services, including:

  • Commercial Property – this is a service which seeks to protect your business location from a variety of threats, including weather-related disasters, fires, vandalism and more. This covers not only the interior of your building, but parts of the outside as well, as well as your assets on the location.
  • Cyber Liability – this service keeps you covered in the event of a cyber attack via a virus or malicious code. Businesses are increasingly based in technology, and thus this coverage is important in the event of a loss of data with the potential to bring operations to a halt.
  •  Business Auto – keep your vehicles and employees who drive them safe on the road by ensuring them through your provider. Trucks and cars are no small investment for your business’s budget, so backing these assets is a must.

Getting commercial insurance in Austin, TX is a must for any business owners looking to make the most of their assets. Speaking with a professional can help to uncover what type of insurance you need, and the policies that’ll benefit your budget the most moving forward.

What Should Your E&O Policy Include?

New York E&O

Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance is a must for professionals who want to protect their firms from claims based on mistakes or omissions that result in damage to clients. When choosing a policy, it is important to consult an insurance professional who can make a comprehensive risk assessment and help you obtain the coverage that will offer you maximum protection.

Flexibility and Options

Typically, most Errors & Omissions policies will provide coverage for legal expenses, judgment amounts and settlements for claims that arise based on allegations of a mistake or omission by the professional firm. Some insurers offer options for extending coverage to prior acts, or coverage that will continue to operate when you are retired. There is also an option that twill allow your policy to begin covering your legal bills from the beginning of a claim, saving you from potentially extensive out-of-pocket spending. Another possible add-on is an extended reporting period, which gives you greater flexibility.

Address Your Individual Risks

Just as professions and firms can differ greatly, New York E&O policies are not one-size-fits-all. If you want to receive comprehensive coverage that addresses your specific needs, it is essential to consult a qualified insurance professional. Choose an insurance provider who offers a wide range of options and will work with you to ensure that your policy is tailor-made for you.