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Joe McDonnell

Sports fans will no doubt know the name Joe McDonnell. For over four decades he was one of the most popular personalities on all of talk sport radios. No mater what the scoop was it was like he was right in there letting everyone know what the info was. As great as he was behind the mic however he was probably equally as well know for his size. Joe McDonnell was a very big man, but his voice was even bigger.

Joe McDonnell would get more and more popular he was right in the middle of the LA sports scene. It was like all the fans of the various LA teams be it Lakers or Kings could identify with this guy. But as his fame grew so did his body.

Then he decided that he was going to have bypass surgery and lost an incredibly 400 pounds from his over 700 pound frame. Sadly though for the better part of two years Joe McDonnell has not been on our airwaves. He still works in the industry where he works for KNX 1070 as the sports update man. This is really a waste of such a great talent, but it was almost like the industry could not get enough of him when he was unhealthy, and now he has his life back he can’t get back as the main man behind the mic.

Overall Joe McDonnell is one of the all time best when it comes to talking about sport. He was a mans man and a true fan favourite. Many fans no mater who is hosting whatever radio sports talk show will think that the current guy may be good, but he is no Joe McDonnell.

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